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4 Reasons Why You Need a Managed Antivirus

Managed IT Services

Most people have some sort of antivirus such as Symantec or Avast installed on their computers. The program routinely runs a scan unless the user disables this feature. With confidential files, you need to have 24/7 security to prevent these files from hackers and other scams. In this post, we will go over the benefits of a managed antivirus as well as why you need one.

Before we go over the benefits, let’s first review what the differences between managed and unmanaged antivirus are.

Unmanaged AntiVirus

In this type of environment, the user can control the frequency of the scans, updates and uninstall the program completely. This is most common in household computers.

Managed AntiVirus

An IT provider manages this type of antivirus. Commonly found in corporate settings, the same software is found on all machines. The provider is responsible for updates and routines scans. Threats are sent directly to the team and managed right away. The user does not have as much control but the system is continuously monitored.

Benefits of Managed Antivirus

  1. Consistency

    All machines will have the same level of protection. This eliminates the chance of a user accidentally removing the antivirus.

  2. Improved Productivity

    An IT professional can install software updates during low production hours such as early mornings or weekends. Employees can then work continuously without having to wait for their computer to restart due to an update.

  1. Lower Risk

    A managed antivirus comes with 24/7 monitoring and the assurance that threats are resolved quickly without impeding workflow.

  2. Lower Cost

    The managed software can cost less than do it yourself products and come with more benefits. Not only do you get the software, you get an off-site IT team that works around the clock to ensure that your files are secure.

Supercell Systems offers managed antivirus as well as data backups and other à la carte options. Contact us for a quote and let us help you grow your business.