Get your tech in check

Strategic build out and maintenance of business IT and Managed Technology for Hospitality, Event Production and Property Management.


IT Solutions For Events

We’ll hook up a strong IT infrastructure for your event production. You’ll know that systems are being monitored and adjusted as needed to make sure that the user experience is optimal. This way your high-volume users can successfully promote the event in real-time.


  • Superfast & Secure WiFi
  • Networks Customized To Your Needs
  • Monitored On-Site

IT Solutions for Hospitality

If yours is a hospitality business that relies on a POS system along with A/V, telecom and surveillance, you want to depend on one vendor to manage your technology as a unified package. We’re a local vendor with same day service and can take care of all your IT and web development needs.


  • Reliable 24 Hour Support
  • One Vendor For All Your Needs
  • Competitively Priced


Managed It Services

Reduce operating expenses and improve operations by using Managed IT Services with Supercell Solutions. Get all of your Information Technology from a knowledgeable, reliable provider while you save money, get faster response times, and receive proactive solutions with professional IT staff minus the hassle and inconvenience associated with a dedicated on-site department.


  • Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness
  • Quickly Implement New Technology
  • Stay Focused on Your Core Business


We’ll give you the benefits of a one-stop shop with a single vendor for a complete range of Managed IT and web design and development as well as marketing and brand strategy.

Web Design

Web Development


Brand Strategy